Cyclone Model FT6035 floor standing blasting cabinets provides a solid steel cabinet frame and sufficient room for a variety of parts. A top opening blaster, for the majority of users, means parts will be lifted up and placed into the cabinet.

Cyclone Manufacturing is proud to offer a complete line of abrasive sandblast cabinets proudly manufactured by our expert staff here in the USA. Our floor standing sandblast cabinets are available as top opening, full-top opening, side opening, full-pass through, and in multiple-user configurations.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Model FT6035

Top Opening Sandblast Cabinet

Front View - Closed
sandblaster sandblast cabinet sandblasting
Front View - Open
sandblaster sandblast cabinet sandblasting


Full Top Opening top means larger capacity

Made in USA

Constructed of 16 gauge welded steel

Foot Operated Blast System

Detailed Specifications
Overall Dimensions 58" (h) x 65" (w) x 36" (d)
Working Dimensions 27" (h) x 60" (w) x 35" (d)
Window 46" x 13"
Blast System 25 CFM, Tungsten Carbide
Blaster OperationFoot pedal operated
ConstructionWelded 16 gauge steel
Air Requirements 25 CFM @ 70-90 PSI Foot Operated
Electrical 110 Volts Req. 2 Incandescent Bulbs
Dust Collector 90 CFM Dual Filter Vac
Weight 350 lbs. (common carrier only)
Model FT6035 - Parts List
6021View WindowY
2010Glove ClampY
20133/8" ID Air Hose Spec ModelY
202324" Unlined Gloves (1 pair)Y
2048Pack of 12 Mylar SheetsY
4056Window/Door Gasket (Spec. Model)Y
700114 CFM AssemblyN
7005Nozzle Holder (Foot Pedal Gun)N
700825 CFM Tungsten Carbide NozzleY
7010Nozzle Holder Only for 25 CFM GunY
70765 CFM Steel OrificeN
708014 CFM TC NozzleN
2004Lid Gasket (Spec. Model)Y
2011Glove InsertY
2015Abrasive Hose w/Tube (Spec. Model)Y
6020Window FrameY
2032Safety ValveY
207432" Lined Gloves (1 pair)N
700025 CFM Gun AssemblyY
700425 CFM Steel OrificeY
7006Gun Assembly f/foot operated systemN
70095 CFM Ceramic NozzleN
701114 CFM Ceramic NozzleN
707714 CFM Steel OrificeN
70845 CFM TC NozzleN