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A complete line of sand blast cabinets, pressure sandblasters, sandblast dust collectors.

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Sandblaster replacement parts and accessories and sandblast abrasive.

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Model FT-6035

Large capacity sandblast cabinet

bead blast cabinet best sand blast cabinet FT-6035
  • Large unit, powerful tungsten carbide blast system
  • Welded 16 Gauge Steel
  • INCLUDES DC-1500 Dust Collector
  • Shipping Freight On Board Dowagiac, Michigan

Price through June 1, 2018: $1,758.00

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Model FT-4826

Mid-capacity abrasive sandblast cabinet

bead blast cabinet best sand blast cabinet FT-4826
  • Large unit, powerful blast system
  • Welded 16 Gauge Steel
  • INCLUDES DC-1500 Dust Collector
  • Shipping Freight On Board Dowagiac, Michigan

Price through June 1, 2018: $1,278.00

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Model BT-20

Benchtop abrasive sandblast cabinet

bead blast cabinet best sand blast cabinet BT-20 benchtop
  • Powerful tungsten carbide blast system
  • Welded 16 Gauge Steel
  • Shipping Freight On Board Dowagiac, Michigan
  • This unit can be shipped UPS

Price through June 1, 2018: $375.00

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sandblast cabinet cyclone manufacturing

But wait, there's more sandblast cabinets and pressure sandblasters right here!

Want to see more sand blast cabinet and pressure sandblaster options?

We have large cabinets, small cabinets, and mobile pressure blasters. We wanted to present some of our most popular sand blast cabinets on our home page, but there are many more sizes and options.

Cyclone sandblast cabinets and pressure blasters are powerful, built solid, and are configurable. Most of our sandblast cabinets include a powerful DC-1500 sandblast dust collector. Our dust collectors are a separate unit, designed for workspace flexibility without sacrificing power and improving work area visiblity. Not all facilities are the same, Cyclone sand blast cabinets are designed to maximize your floorspace. Cyclone sandblast cabinet lids and doors include tough seals and solid latches. This will keep your work area as clean as possible.

Our sandblast cabinets are for sale through Cyclone Manufacturing or through your favorite distributor. Make sure you ask for a Cyclone Manufacturinb sandblast cabinet or pressure blaster. Our sandblasters are powerful, efficient, and economical.

We'd love to hear from you: call us (269) 782-9670 and we can help you. We personally respond to emails too: info@cycloneblasters.com

Our Sandblast Cabinets

Sandblast Cabinet Model FT-6035

Model FT-4826 displayed with our DC-1500 Sandblast Dust Collector


Cyclone sand blast cabinets are a solid platform for your sandblasting project. Each cabinet is welded and sealed, something the competition overlooks with their pop rivets and "bolt-on" assemblies. Do you need a large blast cabinet or benchtop sandblaster? Our catalog answers any call. Our craftsmanship starts with steel construction, sealed seams, and sturdy steel legs. We strongly believe that our sandblast cabinet quality surpasses the competition and that. Our brand deserves the Made in the USA label that we apply to our products.


Cyclone sand blasting cabinets come with various configurations inside and out. Many Cyclone blasting cabinets units come with a dust collection unit, the DC-1500. Dust collectors give the operator improved visibility while sandblasting. Cyclone produces a larger dust collector model, our DC-4000 for users with higher demands. Cyclone units also offer different abrasive blast control systems. Many of our bead blast cabinets are equipped with a foot pedal, other units come standard with a trigger actuated blasting system. Each blast cabinet in our catalog provides details on what system comes standard.


Worried about breaking the bank on a bead blaster cabinet purchase? No need with Cyclone. We produce high-quality and economical (budget friendly) sandblast systems. American made Cyclone bead blasting equipment is found around the world, lasts longer than the competition and has our full support.

sandblast cabinet cyclone manufacturing

Want to know more about Abrasive Media blasting?

Cyclone Manufacturing provides service, support, and as much information as we can to help you with your project. We regularly draft articles where we hope to share the collective knowledge obtained from over 40 years in this industry. Curious about the difference between soda blasting, shot blasting, bead blasting, and sand blasting? We can help make sense of the terminology.

Curious about the differences between a bead blaster and a media blaster? What is a sandblasting unit? We attempt to break it all down for you and show how Cyclone can help you. We can explain how a sandblaster dust collector works and suggest a media blaster perfect for you project.

Abrasive Sandblast Cabinets

The Cyclone Advantage

Cyclone Manufacturing continually looks for ways to make abrasive sandblast cabinets more user friendly and less-expensive. The purpose of a bead blast cabinet is to contain a powerful stream of air-driven abrasive at a part. The blast cabinet is the vessel that protects the user and makes sure that powerful stream is safely contained. With Mylar protected glass, welded (sturdy) steel legs, and comfortable gloves - the Cyclone lineup of abrasive sandblast cabinets is both powerful and affordable.

Cyclone sells units direct or via distributor and our lineup of blast cabinets is backed by our own warranty and we carry a complete line of parts and accessories to keep your blast cabinet system up and running.

When you call us (269) 782-9670 you will reach one of our professionals. We do not make you hunt through a phone system. We want to talk to you becasue we care about your projects and making sure you get what you expect. You can email us info@cycloneblasters.com and we will reply within 1-2 business days.

Our bottom line is earning customer satisfaction by producing quality abrasive blast cabinets and being there when you need us. We are a family owned company and employ members of our community on our team.

sandblast cabinet cyclone manufacturing

Ready to buy a sandblast cabinet? Need help? Call us or email us, we'd love to hear from you!

made in USA bead blaster blast cabinet sandblast dust collector

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With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we have the knowledge and hardware to help you succeed. We take great pride in our craftsmanship. Our products are designed and fabricated in the USA.

As a local business, we take great pride in our ability to offer economically priced superior products.

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We are here to help you

There are many options available for abrasive blasting applications. We can provide guidance on what equipment and supplies will fit your application.

When buying a sandblast cabinet , make sure you buy a Cyclone. Our products are designed to not leak and we stand behind our equipment.

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Products and Services

Our product catalog is expansive and includes a variety of sandblasting equipment, parts and accessories. Cyclone has several dust collection options and a variety of sandblasting abrasives to choose from.

From sandblaster parts and accessories to safety equipment. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and we will help.

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